Interviewing Skills – Stuff You Need Before the Interview

Job interviews are always stressful, there doesn’t appear to be a way around it.  However, if you are prepared and practiced – you are more likely to be called back for a second interview and you just might get the job.

The interview process

So how can you best prepare for an interview, take some of the fear out of it and come across as confident?


First, you should understand the basic idea of what an interview is and is not.

It is:

  • The interviewing company’s opportunity to see if you fit the job and the culture.
  • Your opportunity to show that you are the right choice for the position.

It is not:

  • The hiring company’s responsibility to make the interview fair or even easy.
  • Your opportunity to be sarcastic, egotistical or demonstrating a sense of entitlement.

Second, you should be prepared.

Research the company you are interviewing with. 

  • Website (culture, benefits, what they say about themselves)
  • Public information like Reference USA – usually available with your local library
  • Google search the company – see what others are saying about them
  • Learn the hash tags associated with the company and follow those tags

Have copies of your references ready to hand out – bring 10 copies on your resume paper

Be ready for crazy questions!

Third – you must have a great answer to the below question – no more than 2-3 minutes which means you need to practice.  The question you almost always get – “tell me/us about yourself. “

A job interview should always be taken seriously.  This is your time to shine but not share so much that you come off odd or creepy.  Practice your pitch, practice the interview.  Have your friends/family ask you some typical interview questions and get comfortable answering them.  Your opportunity to seal the deal and get the job may depend on it.

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